Mariann Asayan, Class of 2018

Published on: August 24th, 2016

I will be joining the MADS family fresh out of my bachelor program at Syracuse University where I pursued a double major in Fashion Design and Psychology. Knowledge for knowledge sake has never rang true to me. Knowledge can never be meaningless as it allows you to open your eyes to the invisible network that connects everything. It was at Syracuse where I experimented within this invisible network and learned how intrinsic the relationships between design, technology, and psychology truly were.

My passion will always be finding and looking for the connections between seemingly unrelated things, but I now know how I can use these relationships to create meaningful design as well as learn to better understand the human mind.

I express this in two outlets, one being the physical and the other psychological. The physical manifests itself in explorations in how we can use design to physically impact and better the life of an individual suffering from mental illness or a neurodevelopmental disorder, while simultaneously aiding in changing society’s view of these illnesses and different abilities. The psychological explores how art and design impact the mental processes and the mind of the artist, the designer, the user, and the viewer.

I am absolutely ecstatic to be entering the Design Studies Master’s program at Parsons where I believe I will further gain the knowledge necessary to actualize my passions.


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Program Contact

Caroline Dionne, Program Director

Program Update

Parsons is not currently admitting new students to this master’s degree program. Parsons is now offering a Graduate Minor in Design Studies that is designed to complement the MA History of Design and Curatorial Studies and other graduate programs across the university in design, liberal arts, and social research.