Sarah Mazet, Class of 2019

Published on: July 24th, 2017

Marrakesh, the red city in Morocco – is where I grew up. The culture I was raised in.  An essential fact since it gave me the opportunity to compare my unique country to any city or country I later visited in Europe – where my parents are from. The warm Moroccan culture, people’s gestures, and their behaviors are what I call my roots. With these roots, I had a special encounter with the European culture and my architecture and design bachelor at ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels.

Eventually, I built myself with everything around me I saw as constructive, trying to melt all those pieces collected from different places and situations, creating a state of mind that is constantly evolving.

Moving around at this young age made me feel as if something was lacking. Wth time I’ve been introduced  to a new life, a new range of emotion and a new portal to creativity. That realization opened my mind to what beauty is, and I was reborn from disorientation to passion to use my background positively and constructively.

With this new, aware, perspective I became fascinated by the human body and its construction and motion, and tried to understand it as I felt it – fragmented. Human behaviors and gestures became a source of interest and fascination. This was channeled to my passion towards unusual, objects. Walking for miles was my way of learning movement more clearly.

The hypersensitivity that sprung in me from my encounters with different cultures, makes me sometimes think more than I act and takes me floating around my own mind instead of working practically towards my goals.

New York was perfect for continuing this research. The city became a source of inspiration with all the layers that designed it.

Everything is so unique and special in the big apple. “New York is a place for lazy travelers, you can go around and find something unknown everyday,” said Manny one of the most important persons I met here.

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