Published on: November 29th, 2011
A series exploring ideas in the Design Studies curriculum.

Defending Luxury (Part II)

A view of the Getty Center in Los Angeles, designed by Richard Meier, with the skyline of Los Angeles in the background.Image Flickr/ricardodiaz11 | License CC BY 2.0
In our discussion about defending luxury, the class spends time looking at how the siting of cultural centers in Los Angeles reinforces the city’s bifurcation. The Getty Center, on the west side of the city, is a prime example of this situation.

Sited in the hills of Brentwood, the Getty is not easy to access without a car. Public transportation goes to the Getty, but this is a difficult ride from most sections of the city.

Our class debated whether or not this was an appropriate location for a cultural institution that is vying for a large number of visitors. Assessing Richard Meier’s design of the structure and its location forced students to rethink what we mean when we use the phrase “public institution.”

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