Behin Forghanifar, Class of 2019

Published on: June 23rd, 2017

I was born in May 10, 1986, in Tehran, Iran. I graduated with my MSc. in architecture and received my bachelor’s degree in the same field. Since 2010, I have worked both in professional and academic careers. My precious experiences as an architect, interior designer, researcher and instructor in several consulting engineers firms and design studios led to broadening my horizon of design and its effects on so many dimensions of our existence.

As I have been brought up in a family with strong inclinations towards art and science, learning as passion has always been my initial goal. In my teenage years, I was fascinated by architecture as an artful science that subtly combines the art of designing and science of engineering to create places. By devoting years of intensive academic focus to my favorite field, I found design practice an endeavor to shape both our built environment and our understanding of the entire world concurrently.

This fact inspired me to re-think about design. While being a graduate student, by engaging in other form of arts like music and sciences like philosophy and literature, I found an intense interdisciplinary interest in seeking the interactions of design and other realms which result in more innovative, free and sensory design methods. I engrossed in the Design Studies MA program in leading Parsons School of Design since it would provide me with this cross- disciplinary design approach through encouraging both analytical and practical studies which leads to enhanced understanding of my design practice implications as an architect.

Program Contact

Caroline Dionne, Program Director

Program Update

Parsons is not currently admitting new students to this master’s degree program. Parsons is now offering a Graduate Minor in Design Studies that is designed to complement the MA History of Design and Curatorial Studies and other graduate programs across the university in design, liberal arts, and social research.