Volume III, 2016
Editor’s Letter
Fattori Fraser

The field of Design Studies is in its formative stage, and by virtue of its nascent status each paper engaging in the discipline is written with praxis

A Designer’s Manifesto: Designing in a Complex World
Ankita Roy

Design today is going through a period of huge transformation. As a practice, it is being redefined. Designers are formally being invited to [...]

Designing in Liquid Times: Generative Graphic Design in an Age of Uncertainty
Marlies Peeters

According to sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, we are living in “liquid times.”1 Because of [...]

The Subversive Capacity of Do-It-Yourself Instructions
Veronica Uribe Del Aguila

This issue of The Scholar & Feminist Online, edited by scholar-activists Soniya Munshi and Craig Willse, explores the nonprofit and [...]

Putting Rikers on the Map
Estefanía Acosta de la Peña, Laura Sánchez & Misha Volf

The MTA and Rikers Island have a complicated relationship. Over the years the massive jailing complex has fallen on and off the subway map. [...]

Coding As Craft: Evolving Standards in Graphic Design Teaching and Practice
Sherry Saunders Freyermuth

As a professor of graphic design, I am constantly trying to figure out what tools will best prepare my students for future practice [...]

Designing for Hedonic Shopping Motives: Pinterest as a Model for E-commerce Evolution
Shelby Muter

Even though the ways in which people research, shop, and purchase items have evolved, the reasons [...]

(Hidden) Sex Toy Design: The Vesper Necklace
Maaike Taekema

The sex toy market is enjoying unprecedented growth in recent years due to increased social acceptance [...]

Form, Function, Failure
Samira Jain

Does form still follow function? In 2009, design critic Alice Rawsthorn declared the demise of the famous phrase once coined by architect Louis Sulliva

A Manifesto for Transdisciplinary Designers
Rachel M. Murray

We wrestle with wicked problems that plague our complex adaptive systems while operating in constant, continual...