Volume VIII, 2021
Editor’s Letter
John Solomon Hanson

For this issue, five new articles offer methods for interpreting the artificial world beyond aesthetic veneers.

Implementing Co-Design to Include Youth in Civic Projects
Maanasa Sivashankar & Callan Hajosy

What do infrastructures promise? Who are they intended to serve? Who participates in their cycles of development and redevelopment?

Questioning the Identity and Exclusivity of the Mid-Century Worker through Herman Miller’s New Aesthetic
Justin Sorensen

The Action Office II was a transitional object meant to alleviate the confusion of work within the changing structure of corporations...

Material Culture as a Means of Survival in the United States-Mexico Border Region
Amanda Forment

The objects migrants abandon throughout their journey to the United States inform us of the choices and agency of the migrants themselves...

Design Politics of Election Devices
Lucas Teixeira Vaqueiro

As much as elections are socially constructed, they are materially sustained and reproduced by objects that are carefully chosen...

Public Spaces, Private Failures: The Future of the Digital Public Sphere
Celine Nguyen

Conference Review: New_ Public Festival, January 12–14, 2021