Volume IV, 2017
Editor’s Letter
Claudia Marina

Design, especially when we write about it in the public realm, claims to be in the details so that it may be recognized for [...]

Digital Corbelled Wall Project
Komal Sharma

What does traditional masonry have to do with computational design and architecture? A three-week experimental workshop at a design school [...]

The Original 1227 Desk Lamp
Eibhlín Doran

When George Carwardine designed the Original 1227 desk lamp in 1935 he had no idea that this “minor miracle of balance”[...]

Figure 1
Heirlooms as Memory
Kayla O’Daniel

“Take a drive down memory lane.” The expression was particularly poignant, as I drove to my grandparents’ house [...]

Figure 3
China’s Ugliest Buildings: A Yearly Case of Architectural Catharsis
Qionglu Lei

At first glance, an online contest like Top 10 Ugliest Buildings in China might not seem very influential. Blatantly subjective and [...]

Peaceful Bullets
Diana Duque

Within the realm of made things, thingamabobs deserve special notice as a type of fantastical object which exerts agency [...]

Making Home in Wounded Places: Design, Memory, and the Spatial
Highlights by Mariann Asayan and Kayla O’Daniel

On March 3rd and 4th, 2017, artists, scholars, designers, and activists from around the world gathered to discuss a very timely subject matter [...]

Figure 5
The Future of Chinese Font Design: The Role of the Calligrapher
Lucas Justinien Pérez

The monk Huai Su (懷羹, 737-799 CE) grew 10,000 banana trees outside his home so he could use the leaves for calligraphy practice [...]

The Politics of Cycling Exhibition Review—Cycle Revolution
Enya Moore

In her analysis of the “offshore” activities of the Museum of Modern Art in the early 1950s, art historian Gay McDonald noted [...]

The Virtual Gaze: “Vital Self-technologies” and the Evolution of Telehealth—An Excerpt
Mae Wiskin

It can be argued that in today’s self-service and information-driven economy, the gatekeepers of knowledge have been usurped [...]