Volume II, 2015
Editor’s Letter
The Editors

As practitioners of design studies we are forced to not only push harder, but also question what else design has the potential to be and do.

Four Reflexions on Plexiglass
Misha Volf

Materials shape and structure the made world. But, while materials possess this aura of primacy, what often goes unobserved, is that materials...

Spaces of Performance: Considering Event, Agency, and Routine
Rachel Meade Smith

The topic of performance is broadly defined in this work, encompassing interpretations relating to live arts, social and political performance.

Public Spaces and Agonistic Pluralism in Design: The Case of Conflict Kitchen
Veronica Uribe

Conflict Kitchen, a project by designer and artist Jon Rubin and architect Dawn Weleski, aims to use the social relationship of food and...

Design at Work
Estefania Acosta

In order to meaningfully move towards enhancing people’s work lives, we must first reassess notions of productivity and efficiency.

What’s Funny About This? Design and Process
Estefania Acosta, Laura Sanchez, and Misha Volf

A series of graphic images defining design terms

Industrial Designer, a Modernist Hero?
Dora Sapunar

Although embedded in a singular historical context, considering the position of industrial design in mid-century Yugoslavia might help...

Design Governamentality: The Power of Data in Urban Positions
Anke Gründel

Smart phones, smart cars, even smart homes and cities are presenting new ways of imagining politics.

The Manufactured Pharmakon: Pharmaceutical Drugs and the Technology of Life and Death
Mae Wiskin

Pills as a class of material “things” have lives of their own. They are uniquely able to reshape and regulate what it means to be human.