Volume I, 2014
Editor’s Letter
The Editors

For our first issue of Plot(s), we present a selection of works demonstrating the diversity of our approaches to design.

Nest: A Quarterly of Interiors
Salem Tsegaye

Whatever one would assume a magazine of interiors to be, Nest certainly isn't.

What’s Pain Got To Do With Design?
Komal Sharma

Design, in some measure, may be seen as trying to find antidotes to all kinds of sufferings.

South Park “Scapes”
Divia Padayachee

South Park, often dismissed as trivial adult animation, is in fact a space for debate and enlightenment.

Being Here: Generating Space in Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Laura Wing

This project deals with the generative quality of murals in their construction, conception, and lifespan.

Crime, Medell├Čn, and Architecture from A to Z
Lindsay Reichart


Muscle, Skin, and Circuit Boards
Rachel Meade Smith

The stage is a platform for questioning the role of the human body in the age of digital excess.

Osmotic Bubble
Gigi Polo

In a world of rapid change, technological gadgets and global information flows mediate social relations amongst humans.

Otto von Busch Remaking Roads to Agency
Kamala Murali

Otto von Busch is pushing the envelope of design from within to firmly ask that the privilege of being fashionable be taken back.

Design Capabilities In Public Governance Innovation
Jhen Yi Lin

Government agencies are all stepping into the conversation of how to best recognize design as a strategic tool to drive necessary change.

Out of Order
Rachel Meade Smith

The apartment has thus transformed from a veritable man-cave, to a zone of impromptu domesticity, and finally to a gallery of the process of change.

Laura Wing

The conservative visual economy relies on relatively simple delineating symbols to communicate abstract propositions or mental processes.