William Perkins, Design Studies Alum Behind Pharrell’s Fan-Driven Website


May 2016 saw the launch of PharrellWilliams.com, created by MA Design Studies alum William Perkins and the team at boutique workshop Five Hundred, at which Perkins is co-creative director. The fan-driven website showcases Williams’ illustrative, multi-decade career in a number of fields and mediums.

The site is comprised of cards generated by Williams’ fans that detail their favorite of his projects in one of five categories: music, television & film, fashion, art & design, and social good. Users can listen to Pharrell’s discography or read about his numerous philanthropic projects, each hand-picked by his supporters across the globe. According to Perkins, the site’s “concept was driven by the insight that Pharrell is a consummate collaborator and self-described public servant, only as good as the fans who support and inspire him.” Visitors are encouraged to create their own fan card to become part of the site’s growing community.

Explore the website here, and read FastCo.Create’s article about the project for more information on the design process!



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