Urgent Call: Sanctuary Banner to Protect Immigrants, Other Targeted Populations

Design students at The New School have a concrete opportunity to contribute to protecting undocumented and migrant and other vulnerable populations in the period ahead. 

Urgent Call to All New School Students: Design in Solidarity for Solidarity

The call, from a coalition of individuals and groups working alongside the official New Sanctuary Coalition NYC, is for a graphic design that would convincingly convey the principles and politics of the Sanctuary project to all. The design (to be used on pins, stickers, posters, etc.) will be posted by organizations, institutions or individuals that want to demonstrate their support for or status as sanctuary.
After the recent election, many communities have felt more vulnerable than ever. Trump’s rhetoric, Federal immigration enforcement authorities and parts of the populace have been lined up against undocumented migrants but also against nonwhite immigrants, Arab and Muslim citizens, people of color, activists and dissenters of any stripe. It is important that we be able to say NO! to such actions, policies and laws.
Use the information below, along with on-line resources and other research into the history and goals of the sanctuary movement to guide your design process.
The design should provide the movement with a graphic identity, embody the motto of the coalition – ‘a radical welcome’ – and include the word sanctuary.

● Submission deadline: February 1, 2017
● Submit to: sanctuarydesignsubmission@gmail.com
● Questions: Abou Farman afarman@newschool.edu


The selected design will be used by a wide range of individuals and groups to designate themselves or their spaces as sanctuary or sanctuary supporters

The submissions will be judged by a panel of faculty from Parsons, the Multiple Mobilities Working Group of ZIMM, students from the New School Dream Team and members of the New Sanctuary Coalition

We are not in a position to offer rewards or public credit

Please submit your design as a pdf file

Include a brief bio – what is your creative background? How do you relate to this issue? (100 words)
Include a brief description of the design, elaborating on the conceptual and
graphic elements (250 words)

Click here for more information on the Sanctuary Coalition.

Click here for more information on the Sanctuary Movement.



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