Upcoming November Events in Design Studies

Design Forum

THURSDAY, Nov 6th // 7 PM
University Center, Room 201
Get a behind-the-scenes look at “How Things Don’t Work,” the Victor Papanek exhibit currently on view in the Kellen Gallery on campus.

Students from MFA Transdisciplinary Design who participated in the development of the exhibition will share their experience collaborating with the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, creating their contributions, and what they hope the format and content of the exhibition will provoke.

Design Forum

THURSDAY, Nov 13 // 7 PM
University Center, Room 201
This week, Design Forum invites you to join in the discussion of the food industry, food design, and culinary businesses. MS Strategic Design & Management students Romy Raad and Natalie Neumann will present on their blogging venture and MA Design Studies student Yoko Wang will discuss her research.
Rad&Neu will lead a brainstorming session on how food can be used as a catalyst for productivity, creativity,and community.



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