Upcoming Exhibition: “Prison Obscura”

Ellen Gould, Prison Obscura illustration

Ellen Gould, Prison Obscura illustration

From February 5 to April 17, “Prison Obscura” will be on view in the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at 2 West 13th Street. The traveling exhibit, curated by Pete Brook, editor of the website http://prisonphotography.org/, brings public attention to an area of society that is so often hidden and marginalized despite the rapid rate at which it is expanding. Featuring a range of works from portraits and accompanying interviews with inmates to evidentiary photographs in the notable Brown v. Plata case, “Prison Obscura” highlights American prison complexes and the incarcerated people within them. The curator’s talk and following opening reception will take place on Thursday, February 5 from 5:45-8:30PM. For more information, please visit here.



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