Upcoming Event in Macau: Kon Wajiro On Tour

“Design and Disaster: Kon Wajiro’s Modernologio” On Tour
September 20 – October 11, 2014
Ponte 9 Gallery, Macau SAR


Sketch of Makeshift “Barrack” Housing, Kon Wajiro

Kon Wajiro’s work has always been one of survival, arrival, and diffusion. In March of this past year, co-curators Jilly Traganou and Izumi Kuroishi transported his world of makeshift structures and ethnographic illustrations to Parsons for the show “Design and Disaster: Kon Wajiro’s Modernologio.” The exhibition, which was most recently called an “evocative presentation” by the Journal of Architectural Education, will tour this fall in Macau SAR.

From September 20th to October 11th, design and architecture-viewers can visit the Ponte 9 Gallery in Macau to experience Kon’s work, which—although intimate in domesticity—is equally concerned with a society’s larger economic and cultural way of life. They will also see the results of pedagogical explorations that were inspired by Kon Wajiro’s methodology. These include projects by Parsons students who traveled with Jilly Traganou to Japan in the Spring semester of 2012, and Aoyama Gakuin students who are members of Izumi Kuroishi’s laboratory.

The show is being supported by the Macau Foundation and the University of Saint Joseph. To learn more about its initial reception in New York, see:

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