The Nocturnals: Niki Kriese

Display (Tied), 2009, Plaster, wood, acrylic, paper

Display (Tied), 2009, Plaster, wood, acrylic, paper

The next installment of The Nocturnals lecture series will feature Niki Kriese, from the School of Art and Design History and Theory. Niki will be speaking on Thursday, March 13, at 1:00 pm, in the Bark Orientation Room (2 W 13th Street, 1st floor).

Kriese  explores tasks that are seemingly bound to fail, and embraces the vulnerability of being wrong. Her interest is in the futility of containing the ineffable, of capturing traces of the absent, and of portraying the glint of chemistry between people.

She takes inspiration from Pliny’s recount of the origin of drawing. A young woman traces the shadow of her departing lover on the wall, hoping to keep his image near. Like any souvenir object, it holds meaning but fails to truly replace the absent. The idea of trace resonates through all of her work, functioning as an indexical imprint. Like water evaporated from a sheet of paper, no residue remains yet the paper is transformed.

After barely graduating with her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2007, Niki Kriese moved to New York in search of fame, fortune, and falafel. She doesn’t remember anything before that. She makes art and lives in Long Island City with her husband and freaking adorable kids.

Niki recently spoke about her projects on Insights, the magazine for ADHT:


Organized by Niki Kriese of ADHT, The Nocturnals is a lecture series featuring Parsons staff-members who are creative practitioners in their ‘off-hours.’ Seven artists will present and discuss their work, which includes visual art, writing, sound, and choreography. While the breadth is rich, these artists share an obsession with the invisible, and a sense of longing for the unattainable. Yet the work does not feel sorry for itself. It is sharp, humorous, self-effacing, and self-aware, while willing to relinquish control long enough for something magical to happen.

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