Publication: The Beijing National Stadium as Media-space

With co-author Jaeho Kang, Jilly Traganou recently published an article entitled “The Beijing National Stadium as Media-space” in Design and Culture, the official journal of the Design Studies Forum.  The journal seeks to critically explore design’s cultural links and offerings, examining its relationship with a wide spectrum of other academic fields.

Proffesor Traganou and Professor Kang’s essay examines the Olympic Games as a media-space which comprises both physical and mediated spatial attributes. Focusing on the Beijing National Stadium it addresses the new post-geographical spatial experiences that are produced by the layering of physicality and digitization. Drawing methodologies from the fields of ethnography, media studies and design studies, we aim to develop an interdisciplinary approach which critically explores the multiple and intertwined dimensions of these hybrid spatial articulations. This takes into account the new transnational public realms that have been opened by diverse forms of social media, and the proliferation of actors in the dissemination and shaping of the Olympic event and its architectures.

Please follow this link to read the article in its entirety.

Photograph by Chin Hon Chua.



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