Spring 2017 Elective Offerings at ADHT


Are you interested in what’s going on at Parsons’ School of Art & Design History & Theory? It may be time to examine the most influential science fiction utopian and dystopian narratives in film and literature to explore and discuss philosophical ideas, political systems, social issues, and cultural trends. Sound enriching? Sign up for the UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA course.

Or maybe you’re a Parsons First Year student looking to fulfill a liberal arts elective elective requirement? Interested in examining New York’s post-War art scene by using 14 artist-run and experimental galleries as the core point of reference? Sign up for  DOWNTOWN TO BUSHWICK.

There isn’t one student at The New School who couldn’t benefit from turning inside to outsider art, which has changed not only what is considered art but also what is considered important, generative, and authentic art. The OUTSIDER ART IS INSIDE course will explore where, when, how, and why those changes happened, through readings, discussions, and case studies.

What will it take to persuade you to sign up for PERSUASION and survey classic theories of rhetoric and analyze classic examples, with special reference to applications to visual and artefactual works?

For those of you who prefer just a list of the ADHT SPRING 2017 elective classes, and prefer them in alphabetical order:



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