Social Justice Committee: Call for Applications


The New School’s Social Justice Committee (SJC) is seeking applications from individuals interested in being committee members starting in the 2016–2017 year.

The SJC is composed of students, faculty, staff, and administrators from colleges and departments of the university. Unless otherwise possible, the group meets on either the second or third Wednesday of each month from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

SJC members are responsible for attending these meetings as well as volunteering to attend (at least one) Social Justice event during fall and spring, as well as other events throughout the year.

The Application Process

Applicants are asked to submit a brief statement of purpose (150–200 words) about why they are interested in joining the committee, what they can bring to the committee, and what they would like to change at The New School that relates to social justice.

Statements submitted by faculty, students, and staff will be blind-stamped and then shared with the Social Justice Committee for consideration. Once a statement is approved, the SJC will contact the applicant’s dean and/or supervisor (i.e., for faculty and staff) to notify him or her of the nomination.

Applications are due September 12, 2016.

The Social Justice Committee

The SJC initiates efforts, and promotes the efforts of students, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, and community partners, to address economic, social, and cultural divisions related to identity and to our institutional and personal practices and policies.

We work to redress the negative effects of those divisions and their intersections and to create inclusive spaces that foster the benefits of multiple social and cultural identities, life experiences, and beliefs. The SJC devotes resources and expertise to the development of new forms of access, representation, and power.

This work is built on demands for inclusion that have been voiced by university members and community partners throughout the history of The New School. We hope to address structural barriers that privilege members of some groups and to challenge the entire New School community to work in innovative and inclusive ways.

You can find out more about the SJC on our blog and our website.



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