Sarah Lichtman is interviewed over at Interiors and Sources

Sarah A. Lichtman, ADHT’s Program Director of History of Design and Curatorial Studies, was recently interviewed by interior design magazine Interiors and Sources for the article “Putting History into Practice.” Lichtman spoke to Kadie Yale, Associate Editor of the magazine and alum of the MA Design Studies program, about the integration of history in design practice. In the interview, Lichtman talks about her own experience in the field of design studies and emphasizes the importance of artists knowing the history of their medium in order to “understand where [they] fit into the historical narrative” and make space for innovation.

Read Lichtman’s interview with Yale here.


Working alongside curators, students in the MA program are able to identify the history of a product. Historical styles leave the museum too, as with the Wilsonart House.   Courtesy of Interiors & Sources.

Written by Ana Miljak



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