Renowned Design Scholar and Visiting Professor Peter Hall to Lecture

Photo: Griffith U.

Photo: Griffith U.

On Friday, February 6, Visiting Professor Peter Hall will lead a GIDEST Seminar entitled “Critical Visualization.” The seminar will trace and explore the use of data visualization as a means of determining risk related to information security, and in doing so will open up the discourse around information security to other disciplines. For more information on the seminar, see here.

Hall, prominent design writer and head of the Design Department at Griffith University Queensland College of Art, is currently teaching “Mapping Based Design Research & Practice,” the two-week ADHT intensive that seeks to use mapping and data visualization as a lens to analyze design criticism and history through. Students in the class produce maps and diagrams of specific spaces or objects to emphasize the degree to which mapping and design-making are inextricably linked.

In addition to the seminar and course, Hall will also deliver a lecture called “How Does Mapping Make Up the World?” on Tuesday, February 10 at 5PM in the Dorothy Hirshon Suite in Arnhold Hall. The lecture will supplement the work done in class, as well as drawing on and expanding Hall’s previous work on mapping as both a form of data and a design process, such as the 2005 book Else/Where: Mapping, which he co-edited with Janet Abrams, and his 2011 TEDx Austin talk “The Art of Mapping.” The event is free and open to the public but RSVP is required. For more information, visit here.


–Ana Miljak



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