Public Program: Meeting the “Faces & Places” of Fashion at FIT

Upcoming Event: Instyle‘s Ariel Foxman, Presentation and Q&A
Hosted by the Fashion Institute of Technology
Monday, October 20th, 2014
4-6 PM        227 W. 27th Street

For those who read and write fashion theory, history, and criticism all day, it is sometimes a rare opportunity to get a candid look into the industry itself. On Monday, October 20, InStyle editor Ariel Foxman will be one of the many executives, designers, and marketers who will discuss openly about his trade and perspective on the business of fashion today.

Hosted by the Department of Design at the Fashion Institute of New York (FIT), Foxman’s talk is part of the semester-long lecture/Q&A series, “Faces & Places in Fashion.” Offered as both an FIT course and a public program, the series’ guest lineup includes Rolling Stone correspondent Natalie Zfat, fashion consultant Jason Jobson, Threadvine account executive Jennifer Terrone, and more. Collectively, they represent the industry’s own adaptation to an age of digital platforms, traditional print media and ads, and corporate globalization.

Monday’s event will take place from 4-5pm in the Katie Murphy Amphitheater on 27th Street and 7th Avenue. For more details, see

Katie Murphy Ampitheatre. Photo: FIT

Katie Murphy Ampitheatre. Photo: FIT



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