Publication: Migratory Homes

In the Journal of New Frontiers in Spatial Concepts: Sociohistorical, Sociotechnical and Transcultural Analysis, Jilly Traganou has published an article, “Migratory Homes: Redesigning Group Identity, Prototyping Social Change”.

This paper describes Migratory Homes, two collaborative projects that investigate the notion of home/land and belonging in conditions of displacement. The fundamental question that Migratory Homes asks is “how can the disparate identities that constitute mixed societies collectively and equally participate in the creation of a common ‘home/land’ that would be co-designed, co-produced, and co-owned”? Through iterative engagements with conditions of everyday materiality, and by activating processes of co-design as research, Migratory Homes attempt to prototype conditions for social change.

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