MAFS Faculty, Christina Moon, on Forever 21 Bankruptcy Case

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Christina Moon
, Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies in the School of Art and Design History and Theory here at Parsons School of Design, was featured in TIME Magazine, NPR’s All Things Considered and KCRW’s podcast Press Play, this week giving her analysis of the recent Forever 21 bankruptcy case.

Via TIME, Moon stated, “When Forever 21 came on the scene in the early 2000s, it was a time when fashion as a concept was really different… fashion was something that was really exclusive. There wasn’t online shopping. You had to go physically to the mall…[the offerings] were very basic, not very runway-driven. They were one of the first companies who could take what you see on the runways and create an affordable version.”

In the TIME article, Moon argues, “Forever 21’s bankruptcy woes aren’t necessarily the end of fast fashion, but instead a pivot to a different mode, pointing to the popularity of hip online retailers like Everlane and ASOS or the competitively Forever 21-priced and Instagram model-promoted Fashion Nova.”

Moon’s research work is related to the fast-fashion industry within the United States, design and labor, material culture, social memory, and ethnographic practice. Moon’s work has been published in Vestoj, Critical Sociology, Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty, The Baffler, Pacific Standard Magazine, Design Issues, Speculation Now: Essays and Artwork, Fashion Studies: Research Methods, Sites, and Practices, and Fashion & Materiality: Cultural Practices, Global Contexts. Hear more of Moon’s analysis on NPR‘s All Things Considered and the KCRW podcast, Press Play.



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