MA Design Studies Student Gigi Polo Directs Documentary, Madly Gifted

MadlyGiftedMadly Gifted explores the connections between bipolar disorder and artistic temperament, in a non-traditional documentary that combines interviews with mental health professionals in contrast with the stories of bipolar artists. Director Gigi Polo employs abstract visuals and sounds to share a glimpse of her story as a bipolar artist, and to provide the viewer with a visceral experience of the world seen through her eyes. This piece aims to give voice to bipolar artists and their concerns about psychotropic treatments affecting their creative mind hence quality of life, and their fears about “coming out” and becoming stigmatized.  Mental health professionals provided expert opinions and suggestions on how to keep the illness at bay. The documentary seeks to bridge the gaps in communication between the medical community, patients and their families, and society at large, in an effort to lower stigma and help people— especially artists—manage their illness.
“Madly Gifted is a striking and unusual film revealing what it’s really like to be an artist & bipolar. The filmmaker’s gift is to show visually and viscerally what it’s like to be bipolar, how artists feel, and how they work. The excellent research and interviews with health professionals add a context which furthers understanding.” – Margaret Bates, EdD, Columbia University Teachers College & Media Consultant

In celebration of World Mental Health Day on October 10th, Gigi has shared the documentary through Vimeo here.  The documentary will be on view through Vimeo through October 27th.



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