Kathleen Hulser's Silver Stories at the New-York Historical Society

Kathleen Hulser, who teaches within ADHT’s MA History of Decorative Arts and Design as well as within Eugene Lang College,  was the public historian for many years at the New-York Historical Society. She writes occasional pieces for the www.newyorkhistoryblog.com on topics of interest about New York history based on primary sources encountered in the course of her research. Her current project is a smartphone app about Augmented Incidents of the War of 1812 with augmented reality and cell phone artist Steve Bull.

Her most recent publication, Silver Stories at the New-York Historical Society, focuses on the current exhibition, Stories in Sterling: Four Centuries of Silver in New York, currently on display through September 30th at the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library.

Image courtesy of the New-York Historical Society.



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