Jilly Traganou to give two talks on counter-Olympic dissent


Associate Professor of Spatial Design Studies, Jilly Traganou, has a productive February ahead of her.  On Saturday, February 6th, she will travel to Washington DC, to be part of the CAA 104th annual conference.  There, she will present her paper, “Material Practices for Insurgent and Radical Habitus: Two Cases of Counter-Olympic Dissent.”  Her presentation will take place during the session: “Art of the Street: Tyrannized Urban Spaces as Sites for Radical Politics.”  

Then, on February 16th, she’ll head to The University of Edinburgh to present as Part of the Prokalò Postgraduate ESALA seminar series.  Traganou’s talk, titled, “Insurgent and Radical Forms of Dissent: Resisting the Olympic City“ will present on separate forms of “urban resistance” in response to “development” that take place under the banner of the Olympic “host city.”  Traganou elucidates in her abstract:

The Olympic Games are known as mega events that celebrate universal humanism, fair play and peaceful internationalism. Their realization in the urban environment of a host city involves processes of spatial transformation, militarization of public space, evictions of vulnerable populations, and introduction of new models of citizenship. This process of spatial enforcement is often accompanied by questioning, disagreement, and resistance. Within this broad spectrum of Olympic contestation, I will distinguish two different, but often complementary, forms of urban resistance, that involve creative engagement with material practices: those of insurgent and radical habitus.

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Please see the separate links for each of these talks for their details and logistics.  



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