Jessica Cannon's "Psychic Orientation" on Display

Cannon_PsychicOrientationADHT Instructor Jessica Cannon’s new piece, “Psychic Orientation”, is currently showing at All Jokes Aside, a group exhibition being held through September, 2011 at Art Lot in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Jessica’s piece is a large-scale acrylic painting on paper adhered to a concrete wall near the Brooklyn waterfront.   “Psychic Orientation” depicts a long barge containing plywood, bricks, cinderblocks, and various construction equipment. The barge is floating in a blue sea and framed on either side by pieces of tropical foliage. In creating this work, Jessica was interested in exploring the various territories associated with the Brooklyn waterfront. Historically known as a cargo destination and manufacturing center, more recently the waterfront has been the site of a construction boom, as well as a departure point for cruise ships.  The work combines references from various moments in the site’s history to create a fictional landscape that feels familiar and strange, suspended somewhere between industry and leisure.

Jessica Cannon joins Parsons’ Aimèe Burg and Erin Burke, along with Phillip Stearns and aricoco for this exhibition.  All Joke Aside, curated by Natalia Zubko, Parsons faculty in Foundation, examines ideas of past, present, and future through a visual language of humor. Humor, not always of the laugh-out-loud variety, is seen here as a chuckle under one’s breath, something peculiar, or even playful.  From memories of home & a tangled porch swing to a hand-made red, plastic gas- mask, each of the works uses humor as a method to investigate the depths of these concepts.

Art Lot is located at 206 Columbia Street (at Sackett Street) in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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