Integral Partnership and Creative Liberty

nivese_and_altmannIn December 2010, Dr. Rosemary O’Neill published an essay titled, “Frédéric Altmann et Nivèse: entre communion et liberté creative” [Integral Partnership and Creative Liberty: Frédéric Altmann and Nivèse] in the exhibition catalogue Nivèse, Altmann: un parcours à deux voies, oeuvres, sculptures, photographies, dédicases, affiches. Organized by the Bibliothèque Louis Nucera in Nice, France, this exhibition focuses on the creative partnership of the artist Nivèse and Altmann, curator, photographer, museum director, and archivist of the Ecole de Nice.  Nivèse, a native of Croatia, became active in Nice in the 1970s.  Her early works were inspired by the tradition of the ex-voto in the south of France, which she adapted to address female stereotypes and woman as a site of decorative excess. The artist’s later constructivist-inspired screens and palisades integrate linear patterns and bold color,  best exemplified by her monumental 2002 Palisade-Paravent installed along the garden perimeter of the Bibliothèque Louis Nucéra in Nice.  Altmann has been central in the arts in Nice since the 1960s participating in the Ecole de Nice and Fluxus activities and performances before embarking on a career as founding director of Galerie d’Art Marginal and later, director of the Centre International d’Art Contemporain de Carros .  He is a renowned photographer whose works have been exhibited internationally.   In addition to Dr. O’Neill, the catalogue features essays by Frédéric Ballester, Director of La Malmaison Museum in Cannes, critic and writer Raphaël Monticelli, and Tita Reut, author of a monograph on Arman and poet.



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