INSIDE (hi)STORIES: Marie-Leen Ryckaet – Museum Interiors: Revealing an Attitude Towards Culture

Inside-HIstories-15Marie-Leen Ryckaert was born in Bruges (Belgium) and educated in Belgium and the Netherlands. She studied Art History and Archeology at the Leiden University, where she specialized in Applied Arts and Industrial Design, and Museology.

She worked at the Sotheby’s Department of Decorative Arts in Amsterdam and at the Groninger Museum Department of Decorative arts (research and curatorial work) in Groningen. Also as a Design historian she held positions in the managerial field and was a member of several boards. As such she organized a number of (international) projects and symposia, mainly on design topics.

She published ‘The Hessian Goblet in the Groninger Museum’ in the Journal of Glass Studies (Corning, New York) and various articles on European glass in the magazine Glas en Keramiek(Glass and Ceramics) in the Netherlands. During the last 13 years she contributed frequently to the Dutch Design Magazine ITEMS.

She lectured on design topics at several institutes in Belgium and the Netherlands and currently holds a position as Senior Lecturer in Design History and Theory at the ArtEZ Faculty of Architecture, department of Interior Architecture (Arnhem, the Netherlands).

Marie-Leen Ryckaert is a member of the Design History Society (UK). Her main interests are the fields of glass and (new) materials, interior design, and how design cultures are interrelated.



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