Helio SanMiguel Contributes to World Film Locations: Rome



ADHT’s Helio SanMiguel has contributed to World Film Locations: Rome, a book which takes the reader on a cinematic journey through Rome, a city rich in history and culture and imbued with a realism and romanticism that has captured the imaginations of filmmakers throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. With over two and a half thousand years of continuing history, Rome has served as the setting for countless memorable films, creating a backdrop that spans all genres and emotions. A carefully selected compilation of forty-six key films set in Rome, including 8 ½, Accattone, Bellissima, The Belly of an ArchitectBicycle ThievesLa Dolce Vita, The Conformist, The Eclipse, The Great Beauty, The LeopardRoman Holiday, Rome Open City, Umberto D, etc., is complemented by essays that further examine the relationship between this city and its cinema.



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