Ghostly International: Of Art and Artifice

The Art Directors Club Presents Ghostly International: Of Art and Artifice
Art Directors Club, 106 W 29th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues
September 13-18, 2012

If you ever wished to make music, produce an album, and then design an album cover, one that is so good that you figure you can put in on your wall, because it is basically art, because you realize that you are actually a designer, really an artist, and also a musician…well, you probably are part of the so-called “anti-genre” collective that is Ghostly International. Comprised of cultural curators and creatives who are unconcerned with typical classification of being either musicians or artists or designers or producers, Ghostly began 13 years ago in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has grown—now with offices here in New York—to become a boutique label for both recording and visual artists alike, releasing work from designer/artists like Michael Cina or Sougwen Chung to artist/designer/musicians like Scott Hanson of Tycho or Andy Gilmore. These individuals among others will be the focus of the Art Directors Club’s CRE8 series of music and art on the Ghostly universe in a 4-day event called “Of Art and Artifice.” Starting this Thursday, September 13th, there will be a showcase of both Artist Talks and live performances from the likes of Com Truise and Michna and a gallery showing at the ADC of a never-before-seen collection of the Ghostly family’s works. Full schedule below:

Thursday, September 13th @6pm
Opening Gala
Note: Thursday is a 21+ exclusive engagement.
Live music performances by: Com Truise, Lusine, Michna (DJ); Live projection performance by: Sougwen Chung

Friday, September 14th @6pm
Artist Talks Day 1
Hosted By Incase: Michael Cina, Andy Gilmore, Will Calcutt

Saturday, September 15th @6pm
Artist Talks Day 2
Hosted By Incase: Matthew Shlian, Timothy Saccenti, Sougwen Chung, Charles Bergquist

Sunday, September 16th
Open to public 12-5pm

Janet Kim



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