Fashion Studies Take(s) on Politics: ADHT Prof. Hazel Clark collaborates with MA FS Alum Molly Rottman


Molly Rottman, MA Fashion Studies ’13 and current Assistant Director of Academic Communications at Parsons School of Design, co-authored with Professor Hazel Clark chapter 9 “Fashion Studies Take(s) on Politics” in the recently published book The International Politics of Fashion: Being Fab in a Dangerous World.

From the publisher: “This book seeks to address and fill a puzzling omission in contemporary critical International Relations (IR) scholarship. Following on from the aesthetic turn in IR, critical and ‘postmodern’ IR has produced an impressive array of studies into movies, literature, music and art and the way these media produce, mediate, and represent international politics. By contrast, the proponents of the aesthetic turn have overlooked fashion as a source of knowledge about global politics.”

This book will be of interest to those seeking connections between politics and fashion, in particular students and scholars of international relations, critical IR theory and popular culture and world politics. Purchase the book, join the conversation.




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