Exhibition: Change the Channel


Change the Channel: WCVB-TV 1972—1982

Apex Art

291 Church Street

New York, NY 10013 USA


curated by Gary Fogelson and Michael Hutcherson

January 12 – March 5, 2011


This exhibition examines the television programming of Boston Broadcasters Incorporated (BBI), which produced local public programming that was diverse and innovative.  Under the direction of Robert Gardner, later director of Harvard’s Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, the station developed as a creative media site, which brought to its audience range of offerings that spanned the cultural, political, social and commercial.  Gardner also produced late-night programs that featured Rudolf Arnheim, Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas among others.  The exhibition features archival films, documents related to the legal licensing hurtles, and primary materials that afford a context for these rare TV emissions.

-Rosemary O’Neill, Associate Professor of Art History



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