Event & Publication: All-Night Bookstore

Underground Peanut Butter Brunch Reading at The All-Night Bookstore
Peanut Underground, 215 East 5th Street off Bowery
Sunday, September 9th at 3:00pm
Gallery hours: Thursday through Monday 3-6pm; Happy Hour: 5-6pm; Late night: 6-8pm or by appointment

The do-it-yourself and experimental creative culture is alive and well in downtown New York, specifically in the Lower East Side neighborhood, at the gallery/art space project called Peanut Underground. Located over on East 5th Street and Bowery, the artspace embraces the free-thinking spirit and functions as a home for artists, writers, and curators to incubate ideas and projects.

The latest collaborative project Peanut Underground plays host to is called The All-Night Bookstore, a special exhibit curated by contemporary artist Katie Peyton. Bringing together 20 writers (one of which includes ADHT staffer and recent The New School Vera List Award Winner, Rebecca Nison) with 20 artists, the two groups were paired randomly to create unique collaborative pieces, with each partner’s work inspiring the other. In addition to showcasing the work of the artists, the writers were asked to hand-write their pieces for display in the gallery. A limited edition of 100 books documenting the collaborations were created for the project.  See the pairings of the creatives in the list below.

This Sunday, the Peanut Underground will host a special reading that will feature pieces from the All-Night Bookstore. The show closes on Monday, September 10th.

The ALL-NIGHT BOOKSTORE includes works by:
Anthony Haden-Guest + Peter Fend
Carla Gannis + Justin Petropoulos
Christopher Borkowski + Krysta Eder
Duke 9 + Cynthia de Moss (Dutchess)
Gregory de la Haba + Hanson Hadi
Jackson Taylor + Catherine Lewis
Jacob Severn + Douglas Martin
Jazz-Minh Moore + Elisha Wagman
Justin Ostiz + Emily Jacobs
Lee Wells + Katie Peyton
Lindsey Nobel + Carolyn Silveira
Marjan Mogghadan + Rebecca Nison
Michael Ricardo Andreev + Cinque Lee
Nico Dios Smith + Ron Glucksman
Paul Garrin + Nicole Brydson
Rebecca Severn + Rebecca Nison
Saskia Hahn + Douglas Light
Savannah Spirit + Larissa Zimberoff
Stewart Home + Anonymous
Tamas Banovich + Sarah Nicole Smetana

-Janet Kim



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