Discussing Alternative Curatorial Strategies

exit_art_alternative_historiesRadhika Subramaniam will be joining the panel discussion, “Alternative Curatorial Strategies Today,” a part of Exit Art’s exhibition, Alternative Histories.   The discussion will explore how the term “alternative” is currently defined, what contributes to this conversation, who the audience is, where they come from, and what structures are necessary in supporting alternative curatorial strategies.  Organized by ArtTable and moderated by Erin Donnelly of  the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Professor Subramaniam will be joined by Regine Basha, co-founder of Fluent~Collaborative, Savannah Gorton, co-founder of Forever & Today, Michael Connor, founder of Marian Spore, Virginija Januškeviciute, a CEC Artslink Fellow, and Allison Weisberg, founder of Recess Activities.

Alternative Histories exhibits the history of over 130 alternative art spaces and projects in New York City since 1960.   It emphasizes the immeasurable contributions these spaces offered to the artistic culture of the city by providing homes for art and ideas that might have otherwise been cast aside.

If you wish to attend, please RSVP to Heather Bhandari at heather@mixedgreens.com.



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