Design Studies Journal PLOT(S) Call for Submissions


1) noun, A measured plan, map, scheme, diagram or other graphic representation
2) verb, To mark the course of something; to devise the sequence of events

Now in its third edition,  Plot(s): The Journal of Design Studies 2016 inquires into how design practice and design research is configured, and how it shapes individuals, societies and relations to our environment.  Plot(s) is an annual, interdisciplinary publication edited by the graduate students of the Design Studies program,  housed at Parsons The School for Design, in New York City.

As the field of Design Studies is at a formative stage, it attains its definition by praxis and evaluation.  The third edition of Plot(s) will explore both descriptive and prescriptive modes of design.  We endeavor for the journal to display a multiplicity of definitions of Design, in order to reflect the diversity of the discipline itself.

To reflect this instructive and formative nature, the theme for this year’s journal is:

Manifesto / Instruction / Dossier

Guidelines for submissions:

We ask that submissions are guided by a process that involves design thinking / reasoning.  We also strongly encourage the use of supporting visuals.  Contributors are welcome from all fields.

As a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, we accept a wide range of formats including, but not limited to, academic essays, visual essays, design research, book / exhibition reviews and design / architectural projects.  In addition to this, our website (to be launched in the Spring) will open up other multimedia formats for us to consider, such as video and audio projects!

Submissions must be properly cited with endnotes and formatted in the Chicago style upon submission.  Images must be at least 300 dpi, captioned, and copyright permissions must be obtained.  Submissions which do not fit this criteria cannot be accepted.

Please send submissions by January 3rd, 2016 via email to
Plots(s) Issue #3 will be published in Spring 2016 in print and online.



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