Bridging Spatial Studies

caa_2011_conferenceThis year, Jilly Traganou will be chairing a session, Architectural and Spatial Design, at the College Arts Association’s 99th annual conference.  She will argue the necessity of inscribing architecture as well as studies of design in various spatial scales within the field of design studies, and propose a new field which will merge separate areas into a united path of scholarship and practice.  For a more detailed explanation of the session’s topic, please see Professor Traganou’s earlier publication, Architectural and Spatial Design: Inscribing Architecture in Design Studies, published in the Journal of Design History.

The CAA will be holding its one-hundredth anniversary celebration and its 99th annual conference in midtown from February 9-12, 2011.  Hailed as the largest and most comprehensive art forum internationally, the conference presents over 200 talks, discussions, and meetings exploring a vast collection of topics in art scholarship and practice.  Attracting over 5,000 attendees from a wide expanse of art careers, the conference features book and trade fairs, receptions and reunions, annual awards for distinction, and an annual MFA exhibition, in which student work from MFA programs across the region will be featured.



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