ADHT Graduate Students Present at Parsons Festival

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Thursday, May 14

11:00am Christina Moon Opening Remarks

Designing People

Francesca Granata – Introduction

Lauren Sagatore – Constructing the Self through Costume: Fashion Studies Dress Practices in the New York Burning Man Community

Michelle McVicker – Authenticity in Selena: Fashion Studies Memorializing an Immortal Fashion Icon

Anke Gruendel – A Traveling Practice: Design Studies Human Centered Design in the Public Sector

Derek Blair Cooper – Queering the Closet: Fashion Studies A Case Study on Materiality, Affect, and Dress in the Everyday

2:00pm Designing Minds

Susan Yelavich – Section Introduction

Catherine Powell – Nil usu penna, sed arte: History of Design The Art of Dutch Text Paintings in post-Reformation Netherlands

Veronica Uribe Del Aguila – The Critical Aspect of Speculative and Critical Design: Script Design Studies Analysis of the Projects “Republic of Salivation” and “Dog & Bone”

Estefania Acosta, Laura Sánchez, Misha Volf – What’s Funny About This? Design and Process

Samantha Wiley – If Walls Could Talk: The Use of Wallpaper in Horror Films

4:00pm Susan Yelavich – Closing Remarks


Friday, May 15

11:00am Sarah Lawrence Opening Remarks

Designing Perceptions 

Marilyn Cohen – Section Introduction

Aimee Williams – The Insider’s Guide to “Fashion”: Fashion Studies The Rise of the New Fashion Documentary

Eliza Dillard – The Reality of Aging: Discipline and Aging Anxiety in Fashion Studies The Real Housewives of Orange County

Caroline McCauley – Becoming Royal: Fashion Studies The Surveillance of Kate Middleton’s Royal Body

Juan Pemberty

1:30pm Designing Matter

Ethan Robey – Section Introduction

Misha Volf – A Few Reflections in Plexiglas

Katie Gross – Avant Garde Typeface

Mae Colburn – Bjørn Nørgaard’s History of Denmark Tapestry Suite, 1990-2000

Anna Rasche – Uses of Precious Red Coral in Renaissance Italy, c. 1400-1600

3:30pm Sarah Lichtman – Closing Remarks



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