Laura Auricchio to take part in Panel on U.S.-France/White House Cultural Encounters

ADHT Professor Laura Auricchio will be participating in the France in the White House Symposium, to be held May 4th in Washington, DC. The full-day event is sponsored by the White House Historical Association in conjunction with the French Embassy, and will include speakers such as the President of the Sorbonne and scholars of US-France relations.

The symposium will have a strong emphasis on the decorative arts, and food and drink. Professor Auricchio will be speaking on US-France cultural encounters at the White House.

The talks will also be compiled into a publication.

A complete schedule of the day can be found here. To purchase tickets, please visit here.

Dr. Ulrich Leben, who has taught in HDCS, also has an article in the current issue of the White House Historical Association’s magazine, on James Monroe’s Diplomatic Residence in Paris. Check out the article here.

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