Erika Butler ’15 Shows Her Personal Style through her Blog



I recently was able to sit down and talk to Erika Butler of The Fashionesta who is also working towards her MA in Fashion Studies at Parsons. She recently attended Lucky Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference (FABB).

When did you start your blog?

I started it over a year ago, fall of my senior year at Harvard. I started my blog at the suggestion of a few close friends. Prior to their suggestion, I had never really thought of myself as having “blog-worthy” style, but the readership response has been quite amazing and I really love doing it.

What is your mission with the blog?

I want to express my personal style and to be an inspiration for my readers, especially young African-American women.

How has the Fashion Studies program affected your blog?

It has helped me analyze my personal style. I am much more conscious of how I curate myself.

What is your style?

I believe it is a sophisticated take on menswear. Kind of a mesh of menswear inspiration and afro-chic. I love tailoring and my natural hair.

Do you want to continue your blog after the program?

Definitley. It is very time consuming but attending Lucky FABB has been an affirmation that people were reading my blog and wanted what I was offering. I have recently begun partnering with some great brands, which is still a kind of “wow!” for me. As someone who has enjoyed observing the growth of my own favorite bloggers, it is a bit mind-blowing to think that I could be on a similar trajectory.

Be sure to check out Erika and her blog!


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