Beyond The Seams: MAFS Alumnae and Founders of Fashion Studies Journal Host Fashion Dinner

By now, it might just seem like we’re bragging, but we just can’t get enough of the amazing news that floods our inboxes and newsfeeds of the great works our current students and alumnae are producing. This week, we were more than ecstatic to hear that a handful of our alumnae are reviving Fashion Studies Journal (FSJ), which they created during their time in our program. However, instead of rebirthing the publication itself, they planned a swanky dinner in a Brooklyn brownstone fit for the most fashionable people around. Each member of FSJ–Laura Snelgrove, Lauren Downing Peters, Anya Kurennaya, Kim Jenkins and Rachel Kinnard–are trailblazing in fashion scholarship. The inaugural dinner involved a fancy meal, good clothes, and several conversations and topics on fashion. It was such a success that Women’s Wear Daily featured it on its website last month. The group is currently planning more dinners that they hope will involve more guests and more conversations on fashion studies. Head over to WWD to read more.


Image: Kim Jenkins

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