MA FS Director Francesca Granata Publishes Essay “Mikhail Bakhtin: Fashioning the Grotesque Body”


Francesca Granata, Director of the MA Fashion Studies and Assistant Professor in the School of Art and Design History and Theory published an essay in Thinking Through Fashion: A Guide to Key Theorists edited by Agnes Rocamora and Anneke Smelik.

The book  “aims to help them grasp both the relevance of social and cultural theory to fashion, dress, and material culture and, conversely, the relevance of those fields to social and cultural theory [….]Each chapter is written by an expert contributor and is devoted to a key thinker, capturing the significance of their thought to the understanding of the field of fashion, while also assessing the importance of this field for a critical engagement with these thinkers’ ideas.”

Granata contributed a chapter on the Russian scholar Mikhail M. Bakhtin’s  relevance to fashion studies: “Mikhail Bakhtin: Fashioning the Grotesque Body.” Among the other chapters are Joanne Entwilste on Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network Theory, Paul Jobling on Roland Barthes, Agnes Rocamora on Pierre Bourdieu.



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