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August 15, 2014 adht

Noël Dolla: A Spirit of Independence Within the Idiom of Abstraction

ART REVIEW   Supports/Surfaces, Canada Gallery, NY June 7 – July 20, 2014 Noël Dolla:  Entrée libre mais non obligatoire, Villa Arson, Nice, France June…

June 3, 2014 adht

Read This Year’s ADHT Student-Run Journals

We are thrilled to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of MA Design Studies’ Plot(s), and the second edition of MA Fashion Studies’ BIAS….

May 28, 2014 adht

Helio SanMiguel Contributes to World Film Locations: Rome

  ADHT’s Helio SanMiguel has contributed to World Film Locations: Rome, a book which takes the reader on a cinematic journey through Rome, a city rich…

April 27, 2014 adht

Book Review: Fashion and War in Popular Culture, edited by Denise Rall

  Fashion and War in Popular Culture understands the scope of its own territory. Like the warzones that it speaks of, the book seeks to uncover…

April 10, 2014 adht

To Be of the Mouth: An Interview with ADHT’s Brooke Ellsworth

In conversation, ADHT instructors Alex Bennett and Brooke Ellsworth discuss Ellsworth’s newly released chapbook Thrown, a translation of Ovid’s “Echo and Narcissus.” This is Ellsworth’s…

March 14, 2014 adht

Helio SanMiguel Co-Edits World Film Locations: Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a long and rich cinematic legacy. Great directors from all over the world – among them Michelangelo Antonioni, Woody Allen,…

March 7, 2014 adht

Fashion and Ethics: Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty Volume II edited by Efrat Tseëlon

There’s a difference between ‘fashion and ethics’ and ‘ethical fashion.’ The volume’s editor and its contributors separate the terms in order to understand their meaningful…

February 26, 2014 adht

Wiener Chic: a Locational History of Vienna Fashion

The book that Susan Ingram and Markus Reisenleitner have co-authored is a masterpiece which isn’t afraid to own up to its scholarly rigor. Equally satisfying…

December 16, 2013 adht

Students Respond to MoMA’s Design and Violence Site

Violence and Virtue: Artemisia Gentileschi’s “Judith Slaying Holofernes” Uffizi Gallery, Florence Inspired by the Museum of Modern Art’s experimental web exhibition Design and Violence, students in…

October 22, 2013 adht

Winterthur Awards Inaugural Katherine C. Grier Prize to Dr. Bess Williamson, MA History of Decorative Arts and Design Alumna

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library has announced the winner of the first Katherine C. Grier Prize for the best recent article in Winterthur Portfolio: A…

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